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Hireth is my site for all things to do with Celtic Studies that I find interesting or useful.

Celtic Studies is the study of linguistics, literature, history, culture, etc relating to Celtic-speaking peoples. This includes all Celtic languages living and extinct, with focus on the six currently in use: Gaeilge (Irish), Cymraeg (Welsh), Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic), Brezhoneg (Breton), Gaelg (Manx), and Kernewek (Cornish).

This is primarily a site for Celtic languages, but I of course also have an interest in Scots, as well as the other minority languages of Britain and Ireland.

This site is still a work in progress, until I eventually get around to uploading the various PDFs, resources, and links I have...

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I am a 20 year Irish/Cornish/Scottish person, born and living in Wales. My online name is Saint, but you can also call me Murchadh, which is my middle name.

My heritage languages are Irish, Cornish, and Scots (although I'm not very good at them), and I learned Welsh in school. I'm currently in my first year of university doing a Bachelor of Arts in Celtic Studies, and after I graduate I'd like to be involved in language preservation and conservation.

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